DIY Diamond Painting Mountain View Multi Panel

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Canvas Sizes:SMALL - size inches: 8x10.5 (2pcs) + 8x15.5 (2pcs) + 8x21 (1pc)size cm's: 20x27 (2pcs) + 20x40 (2pcs) + 20x53cm (1pc)MEDIUM - size inches..

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Canvas Sizes:


size inches: 8x10.5 (2pcs) + 8x15.5 (2pcs) + 8x21 (1pc)

size cm's: 20x27 (2pcs) + 20x40 (2pcs) + 20x53cm (1pc)


size inches: 10x13 (2pcs) + 10x20 (2pcs) + 10x26 (1pc)

size cm's: 25x33 (2pcs) + 25x50 (2pcs) + 25x67 (1pc)


size inches: 12x16 (2pcs) + 12x24 (2pcs) + 12x32 (1pc)

size cm's: 30x40cm (2pcs), 30x60cm (2pcs), 30x80cm (1pc)


Diamond painting is a combination of cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers. You can use an applicator to apply hundreds of sparkling resin rhinestone, one by one, on an adhesive color-coded canvas painting. It is an easy and enjoyable activity for both kids and adults. Diamond painting relieves stress and anxiety.


What's in the Package:

5x Canvas with sticky adhesive surface

All the diamonds needed for the paint

1x Diamond Pen

1x Tweezers

1x Wax for the Diamond Pen

1x Diamond Tray


Please note that the frame is NOT included in the kit.

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